Turtle Den 2

General Information

We request that each little one does bring the following EVERYDAY to school:
  • Sun hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • clean clothes
  • plastic bag
  • the communication book
  • Mask and/or face shield

We also offer a variety of other Extra-mural activities:

  • Abacus maths – excellent brain development program
  • Swimming – safety and confidence in the swimming pool
  • Brainy Blox – helping with concentration
  • Pottery – help the children to use their creative side
  • Rugby – hand eye co-ordination
  • Soccer Stars – hand eye co-ordination

View from Corlett Drive


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Special Events

1st term:

  • Welcome new parent picnic
  • Sport day
  • Annual photo day
  • Extramural activity open day

2nd term:

  • Fun day
  • Parent evening
  • Story night
  • Potjiekos day


3rd term:

  • Ladies tea
  • Hand prints
  • Entrepreneurs day
  • Fun day inflatables

4th term:

  • Parent evening
  • Graduation ceremony for Gr. R
  • Christmas party

Year-end concert


My daughter, Keira, has grown in leaps and bounds since joining the Turtle Den 2 family, and I say family because that is exactly how they treat her, like she is one of their own. I was so impressed to see my daughter writing down her name at age 4 and at age 5 adding…

Miss. Michelle Swart

Turtle Den is a home away from home. My daughter’s health has improved which had drastically deteriorated when she started at her previous nursery school. Thank you for taking best care of our children, keeping them safe and happy. Keep up the good work!!

A happy mom

We appreciate the help received, my son began at Turtle Den 2 at 2years (still on dummy and nappy), and in two weeks they had managed to take him off the dummy and could use the potty in less than a month. He couldn’t say any English word as we speak Sepedi in the house,…

Mr. Tlou

Our dedicated staff

Jabu Jali
Jabu Jali
I am very friendly and talkative. I enjoy working with the little ones. I have respect for everything and everyone around me. My Hobby: My favourite is to read as many books as I can about different genre. My goal: It is my passion to make a difference in one’s life while they are still young because that plays a big role in what they become in the future.
Kgakgamotso (Wonderful) Moeng
Kgakgamotso (Wonderful) Moeng
My name is Kgakgamotso but everyone calls me Wonderful, I love to work with children and I am a very friendly person.  My hobbies are reading books and playing football.  I am a kind and bubbly person and very approachable person. I am a woman of God with 4 children who I love dearly.  Working with children just brightens my smile.
Nicole Steinmann
Nicole Steinmann
Tutor Blue Sea animal class
It is my passion to work with small children and that is why I studied to become an educator. I finished N6 and I have my Diploma in ECD. My goal: My goal for this year is that my children can write their names, recognize their friends’ names and learn to read. My hobby: I enjoy writing short stories and visiting my family members.
Elise Oberholzer
Elise Oberholzer
I enjoy learning new things in life and taking on challenges. My goal:  Is to put more effort into my work, love my kids and colleagues, respect them and work together as one. I will always do more than what is expected of me. My hobby: I enjoy crafting objects out of recyclable items.