Turtle Den 2

General Information

We request that each little one does bring the following EVERYDAY to school: Sun hat, sunscreen, water bottle, clean clothes& plastic bag and the communication book. Activities included in your school fees:


  • Kindermusik 3-24 Months class, and 2 Year old class
  • Pottery 3 year old class
  • Judo 4 year old class
  • Kinderkinetics 4 Year old class
  • Stimu-Zone 5 year old class
  • Science class 6 year old class

We also offer a variety of other Extra-mural activities:

  • Abacus maths – excellent brain development program
  • Swimming – safety and confidence in the swimming pool
  • Brainy Blox – helping with concentration
  • Pottery – help the children to use their creative side
  • Rugby – hand eye co-ordination
  • Soccer Stars – hand eye co-ordination


Special Events

1st term:

  • Welcome new parent picnic
  • Sport day
  • Annual photo day
  • Extramural activity open day

2nd term:

  • Fun day
  • Parent evening
  • Story night
  • Potjiekos day


3rd term:

  • Ladies tea
  • Hand prints
  • Entrepreneurs day
  • Fun day inflatables

4th term:

  • Parent evening
  • Graduation ceremony for Gr. R
  • Christmas party

Year-end concert


My daughter, Keira, has grown in leaps and bounds since joining the Turtle Den 2 family, and I say family because that is exactly how they treat her, like she is one of their own. I was so impressed to see my daughter writing down her name at age 4 and at age 5 adding…

Miss. Michelle Swart

Turtle Den is a home away from home. My daughter’s health has improved which had drastically deteriorated when she started at her previous nursery school. Thank you for taking best care of our children, keeping them safe and happy. Keep up the good work!!

A happy mom

We appreciate the help received, my son began at Turtle Den 2 at 2years (still on dummy and nappy), and in two weeks they had managed to take him off the dummy and could use the potty in less than a month. He couldn’t say any English word as we speak Sepedi in the house,…

Mr. Tlou

Our dedicated staff

Elmarie Hamman
Elmarie Hamman
Daymother Purple Baby Farm Animal class
I am a proud wife and caring mother of one I take a lot of responsibility for my work as a Tutor. I am very eager to apply what I have learned at the Kwanda workshops. I enjoy seeing the joy on the little ones faces when I teach them new skills. I interact well in a group and I can lead without hesitation. My hobbies are scrap booking.
Ruth Sedupane
Ruth Sedupane
Tutor of the Red Reptile class
I am a very kind and loving person. I am flexible and a fast learner. I am a very neat and tidy person. I have one child whom I love very much. I want to lay down the foundation of education for them and teach them that education is important. My hobbies are cleaning, spending time with family and walking.
Nicolene Sutherland
Nicolene Sutherland
Manageress & Grade R Tutor
I enjoy challenges and I never say no to an opportunity to learn and being responsible. I always assist everyone around me, I believe in sharing knowledge and creating a positive team that supports each other. I know that I have the ability to create positive relationships with each parent. My hobbies is playing with my baby girl and reading novels. I completed an ECD course and I obtained a certificate in Fire and First aid. My motto in life: Success is not for the Lazy..!
Charity Mkagula
Charity Mkagula
Tutor Yellow Insect class
I have to start my day with a prayer and then I can work in peace the whole day. I always smile when I see my little ones coming to school, they are my smile. I love teaching the children and it gives me joy when they start to understand what I am teaching them. I want to do my ECD course. My hobbies are cooking and enjoying time with my two children.
Nicole Steinmann
Nicole Steinmann
Tutor Green Wild animal class
I am a loyal person who wants to make a difference in someone’s life. I will give support to those who are in need and I am open minded individual. My hobbies are playing chess and writing my own stories. I studied at Uni-Collage and finished my N6.
Bella Matlhanke
Bella Matlhanke
Tutor Orange Pets class
I am Bella I passed my matric at Lompec College then I studied at Uni School Wits Computer literacy. The love I have for children is why I studied E.C.D course at Basadi Pele foundation to fulfil my dream, I also did a first aid course and home base care. I thank God that I have a chance to work with children here at Turtle den.
Jeanette Van Den Heever
Jeanette Van Den Heever
Tutor Blue Bee Class
I am a friendly, caring person who enjoys being challenged in my work. My hobbies are watching thrillers, shopping and visit friends. I have a real passion for children. I completed a course in Fire and First aid. My dream is to qualify as a Pre-school teacher.
Roxanne Cory
Roxanne Cory
Tutor Blue Sea animal Class
I’m a very caring and loving person I love working with children and watching them grow. My hobbies are fishing as well as action netball. I am planning to teach children for a long time
Simone Vorster
Simone Vorster
Assistant Tutor Blue Sea animal Class
I am a fun loving and outspoken person, I have a passion for children as I want to see them do everything to the best of their abilities. I believe motivation is the key to a brighter future. I am aiming to do my ECD course. My hobbies include fishing, cooking and action netball.
David Wilson
David Wilson
Security/ Gardener
I am David I have a family with three children. I enjoy reading the Bible because it supports me in the everyday living. I am a security guard and gardener I enjoy it because it keeps me busy I don’t just stand around.
Melody Swanepoel
Melody Swanepoel
Manageress & Area Manager
I am a hard working person, with good knowledge working with people of any background and language. I am caring and kind hearted person, who loves doing little things for others. I enjoy working with children of all ages. I have 2 daughters and 4 lovely grandsons that is my life. I have been working for Turtle den for 18 years. My strengths are that I am honest, helpful, I always go the extra mile and I feel that I have an impact on others when I arrive at a school and see how well cared for the children are, hear them laughing and sharing precious moments with them.
Robbin Mareothle
Robbin Mareothle
Tutor of the Red Dinosaurs class
Hailing from dusty townships of Rustenburg in Northwest to Gauteng my aim was to become a bookkeeper. I studied to become an accountant, but I realised that my passion and interest are in teaching. As a warm cheerful woman I can be counted on to bring sunshine into other people’s life, taking teaching as my professional career is interesting as I had an opportunity to inspire, build and shape-up a child. I love to socialise with people around me and often adapt in art pursuits like dancing and drawing. I enjoy drawing.