Turtle Den 1

General information

We request that each little one does bring the following EVERYDAY to school:
  • Sun hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • clean clothes
  • plastic bag
  • the communication book
  • Mask and/or face shield

We also offer a variety of other Extra-mural activities:

  • Abacus maths – excellent brain development program
  • Swimming – safety and confidence in the swimming pool
  • Brainy Blox – helping with concentration
  • Pottery – help the children to use their creative side
  • Rugby – hand eye co-ordination
  • Soccer Stars – hand eye co-ordination


View from Koeberg Street

Outside play area

Special Events

1st term:

  • Welcome new parent picnic
  • Sport day
  • Annual photo day
  • Extramural activity open day

2nd term:

  • Fun day
  • Parent evening
  • Story night
  • Potjiekos day

3rd term:

  • Ladies tea
  • Hand prints
  • Entrepreneurs day
  • Fun day inflatables

4th term:

  • Parent evening
  • Graduation ceremony for Gr. R
  • Christmas party

Year-end concert

Turtle Den Campus 1 News

Our dedicated staff

Nicolene Sutherland
Nicolene Sutherland
I enjoy challenges and I never say no to an opportunity to learn and being responsible. I always assist everyone around me, I believe in sharing knowledge and creating a positive team that supports each other. I know that I have the ability to create positive relationships with each parent. My hobbies is playing with my baby girl and reading novels. I completed an ECD course and I obtained a certificate in Fire and First aid. My motto in life: Success is not for the Lazy..!
Mandy van den Heever
Mandy van den Heever
I am a loveable, honest and trustworthy person. I have 3 children whom I love very much. I enjoy every moment that I work with kids they can put a smile on my face. I would love to go study further for the ECD of children. My hobbies are swimming and painting.
Nomalanga Mlambo
Nomalanga Mlambo
Tutor of the Yellow insect class
I am a loving hard working person. I care a lot about what I do for others, especially the children in my care. I enjoy being creative and thinking outside the box. I am an open minded person, I enjoy working with my children in my class and caring for them. I am married with a little boy of my own. My hobbies are watching movies.
Robbin Mereotlhe
Robbin Mereotlhe
Overseeing tutor
Hailing from dusty townships of Rustenburg in Northwest to Gauteng my aim was to become a bookkeeper. I studied to become an accountant, but I realised that my passion and interest are in teaching. As a warm cheerful woman I can be counted on to bring sunshine into other people’s life, taking teaching as my professional career is interesting as I had an opportunity to inspire, build and shape-up a child. I love to socialise with people around me and often adapt in art pursuits like dancing and drawing. I enjoy drawing.