Turtle Den 1

General information

We request that each little one does bring the following EVERYDAY to school:
  • Sun hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • clean clothes
  • plastic bag
  • the communication book
  • Mask and/or face shield

We also offer a variety of other Extra-mural activities:

  • Abacus maths – excellent brain development program
  • Swimming – safety and confidence in the swimming pool
  • Brainy Blox – helping with concentration
  • Pottery – help the children to use their creative side
  • Rugby – hand eye co-ordination
  • Soccer Stars – hand eye co-ordination


View from Koeberg Street

Outside play area

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Special Events

1st term:

  • Welcome new parent picnic
  • Sport day
  • Annual photo day
  • Extramural activity open day

2nd term:

  • Fun day
  • Parent evening
  • Story night
  • Potjiekos day

3rd term:

  • Ladies tea
  • Hand prints
  • Entrepreneurs day
  • Fun day inflatables

4th term:

  • Parent evening
  • Graduation ceremony for Gr. R
  • Christmas party

Year-end concert

Turtle Den Campus 1 News

Our dedicated staff

Mandla Monoana
Mandla Monoana
Gr R class
I am a father of two bright little girls and a passion to help wherever I can. I started with the company in 2019 at Ridgevale tuck shop in the mornings and afternoon at the West Rand Study Centre Witpoortjie.  2021 I am teaching the Gr. R children at Turtle Den Pre-primary School making sure they are ready to leave the nest and proceed into the big world. I am creative, a good cook and pay attention to every little detail when it comes to the children. My hobbies are reading, drawing cooking and baking.
Forgiveness Thakadu
Forgiveness Thakadu
4-5 Years
I started in 2011 in the baby class and got an opportunity to work with the bigger children.  I worked in the 3-4 year class and later moved on to the 4-5 year children. I left for 6 years but realized this is my passion and I need to work with children again.  I enjoy working in a group to share new ideas and to work alongside my co-workers.  To work with the little ones inspire me a lot as we learn more and more.  I took an oath to make a difference in children’s lives and to make sure that they have a good foundation and bright future ahead.   I enjoy exercise, dancing and singing.
Adél van den Berg
Adél van den Berg
I joined the company in January 2006 at Turtle Den Pre-primary School with the 2 year old babies. I love to work with children to make a difference in their lives.  To see how they progress and change into bright confident individuals. I worked myself up until I ended up as a Manageress at the Pre-primary School, in 2017 I was moved to the West Rand Study Centre Witpoortjie to work with the aftercare children. I had the Grade R-1 class, working with the children was challenging but I enjoyed learning alongside the kids daily. 2020 I came back to Turtle Den Pre-primary School, where my passion lay. I strive to provide a safe environment for my kids and ensure they feel at home as that is how we build trust between tutors and children.
Nomalanga Mlambo
Nomalanga Mlambo
Babies and Potty class
I am a loving hard working person. I care a lot about what I do for others, especially the children in my care. I enjoy being creative and thinking outside the box. I am an open minded person, I enjoy working with my children in my class and caring for them. I am married with a little boy of my own. My hobbies are watching movies.
Elise Oberholzer
Elise Oberholzer
I enjoy learning new things in life and taking on challenges. My goal:  Is to put more effort into my work, love my kids and colleagues, respect them and work together as one. I will always do more than what is expected of me. My hobby: I enjoy crafting objects out of recyclable items.